The Company

Founded in 1971, Synt3® Srl began its activities by producing polyurethane (PU) coated materials for shoe uppers. In 1977 the company decided to invest into a new-born product: coagulated polyurethane, and consequently opened a new plant. Synt3® acquired the prestigious “LASKINA®” trademark, which guarantees that our materials are made of 100% PU.
In 2001 the business moved to the new world headquarters, and created the ultimate computerized production facility.
Synt3 saw immediate and substantial growth in sales and in 2003 invested in a state of the art base coagulation plant in a new building specifically designed for this use.
Currently, Synt3® Srl owns 3 distinct production units and employs more than 100 people. Our production output is several million linear meters per year.
Large investments have been made in technology, safety and environmental ecology. All plants have the ultimate in innovations for energy and raw materials recovery. Water and air emissions are permanently under strict control and always in accordance with environmental and personal safety law standards.

Synt3® Srl