Research & Development

Our aim is to offer customized solutions to meet client’s requirements with a quick turnaround time from concept development to actual manufacture of the final product. During the past 10 years, Synt3® SrlA has developed many innovative products specifically designed for the bookbinding, footwear and safety shoes markets.
We have always paid special attention to environmental safety and concerns – both in the choice of raw materials selected for our products and by optimizing our manufacturing processes to greatly reduce or even eliminate pollutants.
Our Research & Development department is extremely efficient. Controls are in place to continuously check quality by specialized technicians using state-of-the-art equipment and by automated computer processes.

We are among the first Companies in Italy to have installed specialized air cleaning equipment able to destroy all fumes coming from the ovens of our coating machines. All solvents, except solvents for printing (that are burnt in a special heat-treatment machine), are completely recovered through a unique process of fume-cleaning and distillation.
By implementing these strict controls, Synt3® Srl has been able to drastically reduce -to virtually nothing – the quantity of hazardous wastes to be disposed into the environment. The benefits of this are a clean and safe working environment for our employees and the surrounding countryside.