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PU Materials from renewable resources

The Biogreen project involves the use of elastomers based on bio-polyols, innovative raw materials from renewable natural sources. These bio-polyols come from oleochemical processes from plant-based biomass.

Raw materials to be considered renewable are those sources that due to their intrinsec characteristics regene­rate on a “human” time scale, the use of which does not jeopardi­se the natural resources for the future generations.

The biobased content of these polyurethanes is very high, which guarantees a concrete development of some important issues related to industry and the environment: the improvement of the environmental balance in industrial and energy processes and the achievement of evident environmental benefits, thanks to the reduction of dependence on products of petrochemical origin.



PU Materials with recycled raw materials

Recycled polyester and cotton fabrics certified by the Global Recycle Standard, coatings from post-consumer recycled poly­mers.




Certified Materials FSC®

FSC® Certification identifies all products that are made using raw materials coming from responsibly managed forests according to Forest Stewardship Council international standards. 

Key factor of the FSC® certification is the traceability of the raw material, expressed by the Chain-of Custody certification, which traces the path of products from forests through the supply chain.  

In other words, a product can be FSC® certified when any company in the supply chain that is taking ownership of the forest product is FSC®  certified as well.  

On 19th August 2013, Synt3 gained the Chain-of-Custody certificate FSC® (BV-COC-117731) issued by the certifying company Bureau Veritas.  

This is a new opportunity we are offering our customers: tell the market their care for environment and human rights, by using FSC® certified materials coming from responsibly managed sources.  

It is a fact that FSC® certification is the choice of more and more leading companies all over the world, being the ultimate marketing  opportunity to meet the ever growing market awareness of environment and social responsibilities of the companies.

” FSC® Certified products available on demand “








Animal Free PU Materials

VEGANOK is the world’s most widespread ethical standard with over 1000 certified companies, services and thousands of pro­ducts both in ltaly and abroad.

lt guarantees the consumer the absence of animai deriving ingredients in every kind of product. Whoever purchases a VEGANOK product is guaranteed the use of a procedure implemented in compliance with the European standard UNIENISO 140 21.

Synt3® Sri has obtained the VEGANOK certification n.0995.







Synt3® is certified to Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) -Version 2.0-, which certifies recycled material from the source to final product.